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ADR Dangerous Goods

2 usd

Handling ADR / hazardous materials / dangerous goods in your work? Ever needed to look something up but didn't have the ADR book at hand? Look no further!This app contains a searchable database with all substances in the ADR system, as well as functions to guide you through mixed loading, value/points calculations, tunnel codes, special provisions, and more.
★ Quickly find any substance in the ADR system★ Save substances in a list ★ Automatic value/points calculation★ Automatic mixed loading warnings★ Reference information about:     • Tunnel restrictions     • Limited quantity     • Special provisions     • Classes and labels     • Mixed loading     • Hazard identification numbers★ English, swedish, german and danish
The information in the app is kept up-to-date when new ADR regulations are available, so you never have to worry that the information is obsolete (as it is with many other apps and websites that still use the outdated ADR 2013 regulations).